Space "magnifying glass" saves home

Issue: Jul 2022

Space "magnifying glass" saves home

Back in mid March, we were still leading “normal” lives as we went about our days studying, working and living.

On April 1st, the whole Shanghai pressed the pause button, and we began to stay at home, work at home, and study online.



At first, we used it as an opportunity to rest and be happy that we didn't have to commute.

After a period of time, we began to worry about many aspects of our life such as making group purchases. We started to pay close attention to group purchases and missing out on a purchase on any given day feels like a huge loss.

Our kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and cupboards are cluttered with the "essentials" we've snapped up.

One may get flustered when having a videoconference call with a boss, as there is a need to go looking for a clutter-free spot in a room that is actually filled with stuff.Sports



Before exercising, it is necessary to remove boxes of tissues, rice and oil that are taking up space in the living room, and remove tables and chairs that are in the dedicated workout area to make space every day.



Children who are attending online classes at home may be using a bedroom for it and parents may feel like they are disrupting the class whenever entering the room. Toys and books that belong to the kids may be laying around everywhere.

Here comes the magnifying glass





The first thing we need to do is categorize things clearly. What are the rules of organizing? We can refer to the following three points

1. Classify according to frequency of use

First of all, we take the "current need for frequent use" as a benchmark for selection. We will now use the items selected regularly, such as daily necessities, seasonal clothing, kitchen utensils, and of course the first aid kits.


2. Classify according to the occasion and purpose of use

When sorting through things and classifying them according to the frequency of use, that alone may not be enough. You can consider grouping things that serve similar purposes inthe same place.

For the order of sorting, StorHub self storage suggests starting with clothes first, then books, followed by documents, small items and souvenirs.

3. Get rid of things you don't use


Don't hesitate to give up items. For items that are of no use to you anymore, use a charity organisation to get them to those who need the items. Things that take up a lot of space but are still usable, such as treadmills, large children's toys, suitcases, etc., can be stored.

Turn to StorHub self storage for a cost-effective and safe storage space.


Finally, let's draw the key points

Organize, Discard unused items andlearn to categorize items clearly.

Storage, Use small tools and try to keep them in a dedicated space to stay organised and for easy retrieval.

When finding storage space to help reduce the items you own and to save space effectively, convenience should be the first thing to be considered.

After the end of the epidemic, store temporarily unused items with StorHub Self Storage.

This "magnifying glass" of StorHub self storage will maximise your living space and relax your mood!

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