The Instant Size Estimator is a guide for you to approximate how much storage space you will likely need
* Please note that this guide is just for reference. Suggested room size is based on optimal utilisation of storage space. Please visit one of our facilities and talk to our friendly store specialists to determine your storage needs.
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0 Living Room
Enter the quantity of each items and save it
Approx (L82 x W32 x H185)cm
Approx (L90 x W40 x H100)cm
Chair, Arm
Approx (L76 x W63 x H74)cm
Chair, Straight
Approx (L41 x W50 x H95)cm
Massage Chair,Reclined
Approx (L200 x W73 x H85)cm
Coffee Table
Approx (L110 x W63 x H42)cm
Dining Chair
Approx (L47 x W50 x H78)cm
Dining Table
Approx (L135 x W74 x H74)cm
Approx (L39 x W39 x H38)cm
Lamp, Floor
Approx (L24.5 x H154)cm
Lamp, Table
Approx (L15 x H38)cm
Shoe, Cabinet
Approx (L49 x W17 x H163)cm
Sofa, 2 Seater
Approx (L150 x W91 x H83)cm
Sofa, 3 Seater
Approx (L188 x W94 x H85)cm
Sofa, L-Shaped
Approx (L250 x W100 x H74)cm
Approx (L43 x H44)cm
Storage, Combination
Approx (L232 x W40 x H211)cm
TV, 14"
Approx (L43 x W38 X H34)cm
TV, 20"
Approx (L58 x W71 X H58)cm
TV, 24"
Approx (L57 x W19 X H45)cm
TV, 32"
Approx (L76 x W21 X H56)cm
TV, 42"
Approx (L102 x W32 X H69)cm
TV, 47"
Approx (L113 x W32 X H76)cm
TV, 55"
Approx (L131 x W39 X H87)cm
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0 Bedroom
Enter the quantity of each items and save it
Bunk, Set
Approx (L198 x W98 x H159)cm
Bed Frame, Single
Approx (L195 x W98 x H79)cm
Bed Frame, Queen
Approx (L212 x W160 x H96)cm
Bed Frame, King
Approx (L212 x W191 x H96)cm
Bedside Table
Approx (L52 X W40 X H58)cm
Chest, 2 Drawers
Approx (L40 x W48 x H56)cm
Chest, 3 Drawers
Approx (L48 x W48 x H85)cm
Chest, 6 Drawers
Approx (L48 x W51 x H121)cm
Divan Set
Approx (L190 x W152 x H28)cm
Dressing Table
Approx (L178 x W93 x H90)cm
Mattress, Single
Approx (L190 x W91 x H20)cm
Mattress, Queen
Approx (L190 x W152 x H20)cm
Mattress, King
Approx (L190 x W183 x H20)cm
Wardrobe with 2 Doors
Approx (L120 X W60 X H200)cm
Wardrobe with 3 Doors
Approx (L180 X W60 X H200)cm
Wardrobe with 4 Doors
Approx (L220 X W60 X H200)cm
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0 Appliances
Enter the quantity of each items and save it
Approx (L61 X W63 X H88)cm
Fridge (2 Doors)
Approx (L76 X W83 X H167)cm
Fridge (3 Doors)
Approx (L80 X W83 X H177)cm
Fridge (Side by Side)
Approx (L90 X W88 X H174)cm
Fridge, Mini
Approx (L48 X W51 X H48)cm
Ironing Board
Approx (L110 x W30 x H90)cm
Microwave oven
Approx (L49 x W36 x H29)cm
Rice Cooker
Approx (L29 x W29 x H30)cm
Vacuum Cleaner
Approx (L48 x W25 x H20)cm
Washing Machine 2.4 cu ft
Approx (L53 X W53 X H89)cm
Washing Machine 3.2 cu ft
Approx (L68 X W79 X H96)cm
Conventional Oven
Approx (W59 x D56 x H59)cm
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0 Boxes
Enter the quantity of each items and save it
Approx (L41 x W30.5 x H26.5)cm
Approx (L46 x W30.5 x H34.5)cm
Approx (L45.5 x W45.5 x H42)cm
Approx (L61 x W45.5 x H62)cm
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0 Miscellaneous
Enter the quantity of each items and save it
Bicycle, Child
Approx (L93 xW58 x H42)cm
Bicycle, Adult
Approx (L156 x W 27.5 x H88)cm
Computer Monitor
Approx (L7 x W67 x H42)cm
Computer Table
Approx (L120 X W70 X H74)cm
Approx (L136 X W77 X H123)cm
Electronic Keyboard
Approx (L69 X W25 X H13)cm
Fan, Floor
Approx (L40 X W40 X H33)cm
Fan, Stand
Approx (L45 X W40 X H132)cm
Folding Chair
Approx (L51 x W44 x H77)cm
Home Printer
Approx (L36 X W26 X H23)cm
Ladder, 4 Steps
Approx (L44 X W15 X H124)cm
Magazine rack
Approx (L40 x W19 x H26)cm
Piano, Upright
Approx (L60 x W155 x H135)cm
Sewing Machine
Approx (L50 x W121 x H101)cm
Study Table
Approx (L160 X W80 X H72)cm
Swivel Chair
Approx (W56 X D56 X H53)cm
Suitcase, 29"
Approx (L50 x W30 x H73)cm
Toyogo Box
Approx (L45 x W29 x H24)cm
Approx (L171 x W70.5 x H120.5)cm
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0 Self - Key In
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