StorHub Frequently Asked Questions

We anticipate what you want to know. You’ll find the answers to most of your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you prefer, call us at 400 800 2999 (We are open 7 days a week including Public Holidays).

About Self-Storage
Q: What are the unit sizes available?
A: Our unit sizes ranges from 1 sqm to 100 sqm available for you to choose.
Q: How to choose an appropriate storage unit?
A: You may refer to “SPACE CALCULATOR” on StorHub website to estimate the size you may need for storage. StorHub’s friendly storage specialists will provide you with professional storage advice according to your needs. More details, please contact us at 400 800 2999.
About Time
Q: What is the minimum or maximum period of storage?
A: StorHub provides customers with a secure, reliable, long-term rental self storage and which also gives customers the flexibility of renting on a weekly basis.
Q: When can I access my storage unit?
A: You can access your unit 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round.
About Security
Q: Is there insurance coverage?
A: StorHub has insurance for the items stored in the storage unit in place. We shall be liable for compensation within the scope of insurance payment.
Q: Is StorHub a high-security facility?
A: StorHub facilities are equipped with the state-of-art security features, with 24-hour video surveillance around the facility. You can also use a padlock of your choice to lock your units thus, restricting access to the units.
Q: What are prohibited for storage?
A: Live animals, perishables, explosives, flammable liquids, fuel, toxic materials and any items prohibited by law.
How to Book
Q: How do I book my storage unit??
A: Call 400 800 2999 or follow our "StorHub" WeChat Official Account to book a unit directly.
Q: What are the payment modes?
A: We accept payments via Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, VISA & Master Cards and Payment via T/T to our company bank account.
Q: What documentation is required for Company Registration/ Personal Registration?
A: Company: Hard copy of Company Business License (or duplicate copy) with official seal, copy of ID card or passport of the representative.
  Personal: Hard copy of ID card or passport
How to Pack
Q: Any tips for packing?
A: Packaging materials:
  • Determining the packing-box sizes and other materials you would need;
  • Use boxes of the same size for easy stacking;
  • Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep out dust;
  • Label your boxes and keep a record of inventory within each box. This helps you to locate them easily when they are needed;
  • Pack books and other heavy objects in smaller boxes for easier lifting;
  Packaging Placing:
  • Fill boxes completely, stuffing open areas with plain newsprint to prevent collapsing when stacked;
  • Leave space around perimeter of room to aid ventilation;
  • Leave a walkway to the rear of storage room for easy access;
  • Place frequently used items nearer door for easy access;
  • Discard, sell or give away things you do not want to keep;
  • A full range of packing materials is available for purchase at our reception offices;
  • Don’t hesitate to approach our friendly storage specialist for any kind of help.
Household Items
Q: How do I pack and store my residential items?
A: For Furniture:
  • Place either pallet, corrugated board or mat on the floor for sofas & mattresses;
  • Disassemble beds & tables; wrap table legs in paper;
  • Place tabletop side down when it cannot be disassembled;
  • Place lightweight chairs stacked ‘seat-to-seat’;
  • Keep upholstery off the floor;
  • Protect furniture with dust cover.
  For Appliances:
  • Refrigerators, freezers & washing machines should be thoroughly dried and stored with doors slightly ajar;
  • All cooking equipment should be thoroughly cleaned;
  • Protect appliances with stretch films.
  For Dishes & Glassware:
  • Tightly and individually bubble-wrap all glassware;
  • Leave no loose space in between or around box;
  • Do not place heavy items on these boxes.
Commercial Items
Q: How do I pack and store business items?
A: For Documents:
  • Pack files, records and documents flat down to protect the spines;
  • Fill empty spaces in box with packing materials;
  • Do not overload; separate books from files & documents;
  • Do not place boxes directly on floor; Place boxes on pallets to prevent moist absorption.
  For Metal Items:
  • Clean all metal equipment with a drop of machine oil to retard rusting;
  • Protect appliances with stretch films.
  For Electrical Items:
  • Ensure all equipment are clean and dry;
  • Equipment with doors should be kept slightly ajar.
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