618 discount | Pay6.18, Get50!

Issue: Jun 2022

618 is rolling in with a bunch of discount coupons and cross-store deals. What kind of customer are you when it comes to making purchases and getting discounts?

Less is more -- I'm not into the consumption patterns.

The minimalist who is not always on a lookout for good deals and constantly buying new things. No amount of promotions can convince them to make the purchase.

Even if there are freebies to be collected, the minimalist may still have to consider whether the item will take up space in their home and whether the things are worth keeping.


Spend wisely -- Shop wisely and keep stock up on supplies and daily necessities

Affected by the epidemic, there is the fear of being isolated at home without things that are required on a day to day basis. With the 618 discount, they have to stock up on masks, alcohol, toothpaste, tissues and other essentials to try to fill their homes.


Empty shopping cart -- What is the formula that I want to buy

During the pandemic, delivery services were put on holdand shopping was not allowed. With a burning desire to go for a shopping haul after the easing of restrictions, the long awaited shopping spree can finally happen. StorHub self storage hopes that your home will not be occupied by delivery boxes.


618 is definitely a promotion you won’t want to miss out!


Discount: from now to June 20, you can get a 50 yuan coupon for 6.18 yuan. It can be purchased at StorHub self storage and Mini CC self storage facilities in Dianping. You can buy up to two tickets to satisfy your shopping desire.


Where to store supplies if it’s not at home?

Fret not, StorHub will help you to tacklethe problem of having space constraints. You can store your belongings like seasonal items, things that require temporary storage with StorHub self storage. With more space at home, you can now buy more things.

Storage Units from 1-100㎡

Love it, Store it!

Purchase channel

Option 1: Search StorHub or MiniCC on the Dianping APP or WeChat mini program to buy coupons.

Option 2: Click the picture below to buy directly.


Hotline:400 800 2999

Love It? Store It!